Rumor: Richer, faster Chromecast coming soon

Google's Chromecast has long been a cheap and easy way to get video from your Android devices and PC onto the big screen, but the $35 streaming stick is getting up there in years for a tech product. If you're dreaming of an updated Chromecast, though, you might not have to wait much longer. A report of leaked internal Google documents at 9to5Google shows that a new Chromecast could be right around the corner.

Reportedly, the "new Chromecast" (as the leaked documents call it) will have updated Wi-Fi. Phandroid first spotted an FCC filing for a "multimedia device" from Google and believed the listing was for an updated Nexus Player. 9to5Google says this filing belongs instead to the updated Chromecast, and based on that info, the new device may have 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The leaked documents also tout something called "Chromecast Audio," which seems to be an auxiliary output for external speakers.

The next-generation Chromecast is also rumored to have some new software features. The report claims the revamped hardware will make connections to devices quicker, a feature the leak dubs "Fast Play." New content will supposedly make its way to the device's home screen, as well, with support for "feeds," which 9to5Google believes to be a way of displaying social media content. 

Google has an event scheduled for September 29, where 9to5Google expects new Nexus devices to be announced. The site expects the updated Chromecast to be unveiled there, too. 

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