DisplayMate says iPad Mini 4 display much improved over past models

Historically, the iPad Mini hasn't fared as well as its larger siblings in DisplayMate's screen test results. That trend has changed with the iPad Mini 4, however.

According to the company's preliminary tests, the iPad Mini 4 was able to reproduce 101% of the sRGB color gamut. Compared with the iPad Mini 3's mere 62%, the display in Apple's afterthought is a huge improvement. This brings it more in line with the bigger iPads—the iPad Air and Air 2 both reproduced more than 100% of the sRGB gamut.

It seems the panel isn't the only change, either—the iPad Mini 4 reflects less light than its predecessor, too. The glass reflected just two percent of ambient lighting, which DisplayMate says is the best performance of any mobile display it has tested. The iPad Mini 3 reflected quite a bit more of the ambient lighting in DisplayMate's test environment. These results seem to indicate that the iPad Mini 4 has a better anti-reflective coating than previous Minis.

DisplayMate isn't the only one singing the iPad Mini's praises, either. Ars Technica published color accuracy graphs as part of its iPad Mini 4 review. Ars found that the iPad Mini 4's screen reproduced colors better than its ancestors, too. While Ars and DisplayMate used different testing methods and had different iPad Mini samples, both sets of tests show that the iPad Mini 4 should be much better at displaying accurate colors.

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