Mad Catz on the prowl with Rat Pro X and Pro S mice

Peripheral company Mad Catz has officially released its high-end R.A.T. Pro X mouse and set a date for the launch of a new "Pro S" model. TR is no stranger to this brand of rodents, having recommended them before.  Let's take a close look at the new specimens.

Mad Catz wants the R.A.T. Pro X to be "the last gaming mouse you'll ever need." The watchword is "customization," and that applies to nearly everything in the new mouse. The Pro X comes with interchangeable, well, everything. Several scroll wheels, palm rests, pinky grips, thumb rests, and even mouse feet can be mixed and matched to taste.

The biggest surprise, though, comes in the form of hot-swappable sensors. Gamers can choose their favorite sensor when ordering—the Philips PLN2037 and PixArt ADNS-9800 laser sensors or a PixArt PMW3310 optical. Mad Catz says new sensor units can be installed as they become available, as well.

The Pro X also has a couple more tricks up its chassis. The palm rest's tilt is now adjustable, and the scroll wheel has been heavily modified. The new version has an optical sensor, adjustable tension and speed, and an analog horizontal axis, which Mad Catz says is a world first. The whole contraption weighs 3.7 oz (105g,) an impressive feat considering the amount of moving parts.

The R.A.T. Pro S is a slightly humbler offering, but still easily in the realm of "high end." Mad Catz bills this model as a relatively minimalist alternative, with eight buttons and a weight of only 2.71 ounces (77 g.) The sensor is a PMW3310 optical unit with a maximum sensitivity of 5000 DPI. Much like the Pro X, the palm rest is both length and tilt-adjustable, and gamers can save up to three configuration profiles directly to the mouse.

The R.A.T. Pro X's customization doesn't come anywhere close to cheap; it'll set you back a whole $200. Yes, American. It's much easier to get a grip on the Pro S, which comes in at $70 and will reach gamers' mitts in October 2015.

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