Report: Early Nvidia Pascal GPUs could be on the move

Pascal is Nvidia's next-generation GPU architecture, and it's expected to arrive sometime in 2016. If the folks over at German site 3DCenter are correct, some Pascal chips may be moving across the globe for testing purposes today.

The chips in question showed up as generic graphics processors on Indian import tracking service Zauba, amidst other chips or boards marked with their proper Nvidia code names (like GM206). 3DCenter believes that the lack of a proper designation for these products and their unusually high declared values (about $3,142) mark them as Pascal test units, since there aren't any other products the green team is known to be developing at this time.

So far, we know that Pascal GPUs will include up to 32GB of HBM RAM, and Nvidia expects the chip to boost performance for deep learning and other visual processing applications. 3DCenter further speculates that the chip will be built using TSMC's 16-nm FinFET process. Presumably, whatever Nvidia's cooking up for Pascal should make for some significant improvements for us PC gamers, too. We'll be sure to share whenever we catch another whiff from the company's kitchen.

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