XFX is preparing a suspiciously Fury-ous liquid-cooled Radeon

Ever since the Radeon R9 Fury X debuted, it's been a hard card to find in stock. On the other hand, a couple models of the air-cooled R9 Fury are available at something approaching the card's recommended retail price. Closed-loop coolers and the R9 Fury, then, are kind of like readily-available chocolate and peanut butter, and XFX may be working on a liquid-cooled treat that blends these two great tastes into one intriguing video card.

Shannon Piel, the company's North American regional sales manager, tweeted an image of this mystery card yesterday. Given that XFX's video card lineup is entirely AMD-based, and considering the compact size of the card on display, it seems reasonable to surmise this could be a liquid-cooled Radeon R9 Fury. 

A few hours later, XFX's official Twitter account acknowledged Piel's tweet with one of its own. There's still nothing from XFX about what exactly this card is yet, but it certainly seems there may be another liquid-cooled Fiji card coming soon. We're hoping this will be one you can actually buy. 

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