CableRobot simulator could be the ultimate VR add-on

VR headsets are supposed to provide an immersive enough experience on their own, but a group of researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics are exploring ways to make jacking into certain simulations a whole lot more real. Their creation, called the CableRobot Simulator, is claimed to be the world's first cable robot for passengers. What's a cable robot, you ask? Well, check out the team's video:

The simulator consists of a carbon-fiber, icosahedronal frame connected to a number of steel cables. In turn, theseĀ  are connected to winches that can move the frame through six dimensions of freedom. The winches can apply up to 1.5 gs of acceleration to the frame with a combined 466HP. A PC strapped to the bottom of the rig provides the VR visuals. The team says the simulator's range of motion is only limited by room size.

The team's video demonstrates a couple possibilities for the CableRobot Simulator, including a helicopter flight sim and a racing game. I'm already plotting ways to run Descent or Elite: Dangerous on this baby, though building a suitable enclosure for one in the backyard might be a problem.

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