Intel's DC P3608 SSD is ready to chew through big data

Samsung's 950 Pro SSDs look impressive enough, but Intel's latest datacenter-class series of drives, the DC P3608 family, play in an entirely different league. They're built to service the demands of businesses with enormous data sets to crunch. To that end, they pair dual NVMe controllers with a PCIe 3.0 x8 interface to deliver claimed performance figures for which I don't really have adequate superlatives.

Let's take the 4TB drive in this series, for example. Intel's own IOMeter testing produces speeds up to 5,000 MB/s sequential reads and 3,000 MB/s sequential writes. Those figures were measured with 128KB transfers at a queue depth of 128. If that's not face-melting enough, this drive can perform up to 850k IOPS with 4KB random reads. The DC P3608's random write performance does decrease as capacities increase, however: from 150k IOPS in the 1.6TB drive to 50k in the 4TB version.

Intel also shared some numbers it gathered with "TPC-H like" tests within the HammerDB benchmark on the 4TB version of the drive. In those tests, the P3608 provides healthy performance scaling over the PCIe x4 DC P3700, and it also delivers that performance with generally lower response times. For fun, Intel's results also show an 8.6x improvement in overall HammerDB performance versus an unspecified SATA drive.

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