Asetek wins injunction against Cooler Master liquid coolers

It could be argued that liquid-cooling company Asetek practically invented the now-ubiquitous all-in-one liquid cooler that sits atop many PC enthusiasts' CPUs and GPUs. The company has protected its products by filing for patents on its technology. In turn, Asetek has pursued lawsuits against at least two competitors who make similar products: CoolIt Systems and Cooler Master. Asetek's lawsuit against Cooler Master eventually went to trial, where a jury found that the company had indeed infringed on Asetek's IP last December.

Despite some post-trial motions by Cooler Master, a judge in the US District Court for the northern district of California has maintained Asetek's favorable judgment—and he's gone further yet. According to an Asetek press release issued today, the company has won a permanent injunction against Cooler Master's infringing products. That means Cooler Master's all-in-one liquid coolers that incorporate a pump on the water block—one of Asetek's patented innovations—can no longer be imported or sold in the USA. Furthermore, the judge increased Asetek's damages (as a share of Cooler Master's infringing liquid-cooler sales) from the original judgment of 14.5% to 25.375%.

It's not all over yet—Asetek notes that Cooler Master could still appeal the judgment. It does remain to be seen what effect this judgment might have on AMD's Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card, too. The Fury X uses a Cooler Master liquid cooler to keep its Fiji GPU chilly.

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