Buying a Rift-compatible PC will be easier with Oculus Ready

At Oculus Connect today, Oculus reiterated its recommended specifications for a Rift-compatible PC. (For quick reference, that means a Core i5-4590-class CPU and a GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290 graphics card, for starters.)

Building or buying a PC with those specifications will likely be second-nature for many TR readers, but not for everybody. Oculus wants to make sure that folks interested in VR can easily buy a compatible PC. To that end, the company is working with Dell, Asus, and Alienware to introduce PCs under the "Oculus Ready" label program when the Rift arrives in early 2016.

The first wave of Oculus-ready PCs will all be based on Intel CPUs and Nvidia graphics cards, and Oculus says it's targeting an under-$1000 price point for those systems. Those hardware choices are what they are because they're "actively supported by IHVs," which will allow Oculus and its partners to quickly roll out updates as the Rift grows. Other partners (including AMD) are set to join the initiative later.

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