13 million iPhone 6Ses find homes in first weekend of sales

Sales for many big smartphone vendors are declining, yet Apple continues to hit new heights. In just three days, the company says it's sold 13 million iPhone 6S and 6S Plus handsets in 40 countries. That result continues the company's history of setting record after record with each iPhone launch. There's no end to iPhone demand in sight, either—right now, the Apple website quotes a two week delivery time for various iPhone 6S options, and it'll be three to four weeks if you want the larger 6S Plus. 

Though today's smartphones may offer "goood enough" performance even in midrange devices, Apple is still pushing the performance envelope with the A9 SoC in its new phones, based in part on the tests of one TR editor who contributed to that 13-million figure. The A9 chip is just one of several changes in the iPhone 6S, and it seems the company made enough of a splash with its refinements to tempt many to make the jump.

Those record opening weekends may continue, as companies try to entice consumers to upgrade yearly. Apple introduced its iPhone Upgrade Program at its press event earlier this month, and at least in the USA, some carriers have followed suit. Verizon and Sprint have new iPhone-specific yearly upgrade plans, and AT&T's Next and T-Mobile's Jump already present yearly upgrade options for those carriers.


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