The iPhone 6S may be unofficially water-resistant

Among the many changes Apple made in the iPhone 6S, there may be one unannounced feature inside the phones' aluminum-and-glass bodies. An intrepid Youtuber named Zach Straley chose to submerge a large wad of cash in the form of an iPhone 6S and a 6S Plus to check their resistance to water. Take a look:

According to the video, both handsets survived a whole hour immersed in the finest H2O with no apparent ill effects. Assuming this event isn't staged, that's quite impressive. Straley confirmed that both phones continued to work 100% at the time, and he's since  posted a follow-up video that shows the phones still work A-OK two days on—including the speakers, the Lighting port, and the heaphone jack.

The iPhone 6S's durability has been garnering some attention in other ways, too. Other YouTubers have checked whether the phone bends and how well it survives drops. If one were to judge by these videos alone, it seems the new handsets do reasonably well in the durability department.

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