Microsoft says it collects no advertising data with Windows 10

Every time somebody publishes an article about Windows 10, it's not long before someone accuses Microsoft of spying on its customers. The company is apparently watching those comment sections, because Terry Myerson, executive VP of Windows and devices, has addressed those privacy concerns in a blog post

Myerson says Windows 10 collects data for two reasons: to check on safety and reliability, and to personalize the operating system. Personalization seems to be the hottest topic, since some folks seem to equate it with advertising. Myerson says Microsoft does not collect data for advertising purposes. Instead, he says, this data is used to keep Cortana relevant and to "recommend apps you might enjoy." That second point does kind of sound like advertising to us, though.

Microsoft is still listening to user feedback, Myerson says, and he encourages Windows Insiders to use the Privacy section of the Feedback app to make their concerns known. Additionally, you can ask questions about privacy concerns on Microsoft's support site, and Myerson says the company will follow up on all reported issues. 

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