Turn-based BattleTech game project hits Kickstarter

Harebrained Schemes, the developer that brought back Shadowrun, is working on a turn-based BattleTech game for the PC. The game is being funded on Kickstarter, but the developer says it's funding the basics of the game itself—the crowd-funding campaign is meant to raise money for an extra layer of polish. Jordan Weisman, BattleTech creator and designer of the tabletop game, is leading the project, and he introduces the game in the Kickstarter launch video.

Weisman says this "modern, turn-based tactical mech combat game" is already in pre-production on the Unity 5 engine, and he's outlined a series of stretch goals. If the game doesn't make its Kickstarter goal (spoiler alert: it already has), the title will launch as a single-player skirmish against computer-controlled opponents. As the project raises more cash, Harebrained Schemes plans more content, including an open-ended campaign with procedurally-generated missions and online multi-player modes. 

The game itself is set in the year 3025. The Succession Wars have been raging for years, and by 3025, BattleMechs are rare, powerful, and valuable assets on the battlefied. Players will take the role of a mercenary group that gets involved in the feudal-style politics of the era. If the game's funding stretch goals are reached, the campaign will add mechanics for managing finances to both repair and upgrade 'Mechs, as well as managing the MechWarriors piloting them. 

Harebrained Schemes expects BattleTech to launch in early 2017, and it will be available on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Kicking in at least $25 will get you a digital copy of the game, including DRM-free options. Weisman says the game will be available on Steam, GoG, and the Humble stores.

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