AMD goes Pro with TrustZone-enabled APUs

AMD has released a Pro family of APUs and management tools targeted at business environments. These APUs hail from the Godavari and Carrizo families, and come in both mobile and desktop flavors.

According to AMD, its new Pro A12 mobile APU is "the first [HSA-compliant] commercial processor in the industry." It's also the first APU with support for ARM's TrustZone, for system-wide separation of software execution environments. The mobile Pro A12 packs in four CPU cores with a 3.4 GHz Turbo clock, alongside an R7-series GPU with 512 compute units clocked at 800 MHz. The inclusion of an HEVC decoder is also a nice bonus. A similar part exists in the Pro-series desktop APU lineup, with four cores and Turbo speeds of 4.1 GHz.

Along with the hardware, AMD has released its companion Pro Control Center software, which offers centralized system management features like system health monitoring, traffic shaping, and USB port blocking. If this whole thing sounds similar to Intel's vPro, you're probably right. Still, AMD's take has a few unique features.

AMD already has a few partners on board. HP is using Pro APUs inĀ  its "AMD Elite" family of products, and Lenovo is building around these chips with its M79 Tower. More AMD Pro products should be coming soon.

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