AOC's 1080p USB display adds an extra monitor with one plug

The utility of multiple displays is hard to dispute, but it's hard to cart around a second monitor if you mostly work on the go. AOC's 15.6" HD Pro display could be mana from heaven for mobile folks who need an extra screen. This 1080p monitor uses DisplayLink's proprietary signal compression tech to deliver full-HD resolution over a USB 3.0 cable.

The HD Pro draws its power over USB, as well, so there's no need to hog multiple power plugs at the local coffee joint when those extra pixels are needed. AOC doesn't specify the HD Pro's panel type in its documentation, but the slow 11-ms gray-to-gray response time means this monitor will probably be best suited for crunching numbers in Excel or other productivity tasks. The panel does maintain a 60Hz refresh rate at its full resolution, though. 

AOC also says the HD Pro can only reproduce 262,000 colors, which is absolutely dire for color-critical tasks like photo editing or video work. Still, for those who absolutely need this monitor's combination of portability, a single-cord connection, and 1080p resolution, there don't seem to be many other options out there. The extra productivity added by a second monitor for those on the go could quickly make up for the $200 price tag.

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