Cougar's 700M eSports mouse stands out on the battlefield

The evolutionary arms race in gaming mice continues today. Cougar's 700M eSports mouse boasts a wild paint job that'll make it stand out during live coverage of the next International Dota 2 Championships—or at least that's the dream, we suppose. Take a gander at this flamboyant rodent and awaken your inner 13-year-old.

The 700M isn't all about looks. Under the flashy fascia, a complex-looking aluminum skeleton supports the mouse's buttons, grip surfaces, and guts. The 700M's rear hump can be adjusted to fit palm and claw grippers comfortably, and the open frame that supports this part of the mouse is supposed to promote better airflow and a cooler hand in the tensest moments of a game. This hump can also be exchanged for an included, smaller piece that might be better suited for fingertip grippers.

This mouse sees with an Avago ADNS-9800 8200-DPI laser sensor. Like other top-end gaming mice, it bristles with onboard memory, programmable buttons, and switchable profiles that let users take their customizations with them without the need for extra drivers or software (at least, past the initial setup stage). Cougar's UIX software handles every tweakable aspect of the mouse.

Cougar didn't say how much this tricked-out version of the 700M will cost, but the regular version is selling for $60 on Newegg right now. We'd expect a small premium for the flashier graphics.

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