Thermaltake Core P5 turns PCs into wall art

Some PC builds are works of art worthy of ogling eyes and drooling mouths. Thermaltake's latest case, the Core P5, lets builders put their masterpieces on full display on the floor, on a desktop, or even on walls for maximum visibility.

PCI Express expansion cards can be installed horizontally in the Core P5 as in other cases, or the whole expansion slot bracket can be rotated 90 degrees to put exotic graphics coolers on display. A PCI Express extension cable is included to connect a card to the motherboard.

There's not a ton of room for storage in the Core P5, but most builders will probably find the four 3.5" or 2.5" combo drive bays sufficient. Three of those bays are hidden behind the motherboard, and one sits on the surface between the motherboard and radiator. A pair each of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on the front (or side) should allow for external storage, too.

Though air coolers up to 180mm tall can fit, this case cries out for a custom liquid cooling loop. Thermaltake says the case isn't compatible with closed-loop coolers—that's most likely due to the distance the radiator will have to sit from the pump. However, radiators as long as 480mm are supported, like the company's own Pacific RL and R series.

The Core P5 measures 22.4" wide x 23.9" tall x 13.1" deep (608 x 570 x 333 mm). It's also pretty hefty at 26.9 pounds. Buyers will probably want to make sure their studs are up to the task of holding this thing before hanging their expensive PCs on the wall.

Thermaltake says it wants builders to make their own modifications and custom parts for the Core P5. To get in on the "maker movement" of 3D printing, the company promises a repository for users to download schematics to print their own accessories. Despite the exotic look, the Core P5 will be reasonably affordable at $150 on Newegg when it becomes available later this month.

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