Mobile Quadros bring Maxwell to 15" and 17" workstations

Nvidia has released its lineup of Maxwell-based Quadro graphics cards for Skylake-powered mobile workstations. The new cards are separated into two families aimed at different sizes of laptops.

For 17" models, Nvidia whipped out the big guns. The cards for this size class have relatively high power envelopes (75W to 100W) and a 256-bit memory bus. The family's big daddy is the Quadro M5000M. Its 1,536 CUDA cores are served by 8GB of RAM.

Mobile Quadros aimed at 15" laptops come in power envelopes ranging from 30W to 55W and 128-bit paths to RAM. The beefiest of these is the Quadro M2000M, which packs 640 CUDA cores and 4GB of RAM.

Nvidia claims the new Quadros can be up to twice as fast as the previous generation while using less power. The new GPUs are all OpenGL 4.5-compliant, as well. The company says OEMs such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo already have mobile workstations featuring the new cards. Nvidia will be showing them off in its booth at the Adobe Max conference.

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