AMD unleashes mobile Tonga with the FirePro W7170M

Hot on the heels of Nvidia's mobile Quadro announcement, AMD has released some new mobile workstation graphics cards of its own. Foremost among the new FirePro W-series mobile offerings is the W7170M, a Tonga-based card clocked at 723MHz with 4GB of memory and a 256-bit memory interface. Dave Baumann, a member of AMD's product team, confirmed this card as a Tonga derivative on Twitter.

AnandTech got an inside scoop on these chips, and says the W7170M will ship with all 2048 of its compute units enabled. All told, that's good for a theoretical 2,960 gigaflops of single-precision throughput and 185 GFlops of double-precision power. The FirePro W7170M will make its debut exclusively in Dell's Precision 7710 mobile workstation.

The other two members of the W-series lineup are the W5170M and the W5130M. It's not clear what graphics chip these cards use. (AnandTech believes they're Cape Verde parts.) AMD says they'll both run at speeds up to 925MHz, and OEMs will be able to pair them with up to 2GB of memory on a 128-bit bus. The W5170M will have a slightly faster memory clock at 1.125GHz versus the 5130M's 1GHz, making it the faster card overall.

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