Premium HDMI cables will be ready for next-generation media

4K video, wider color gamuts, and high-dynamic-range media are all coming to a living room near you within the next few years, and the HDMI 2.0 specification is designed to provide the extra bandwidth those advancements will need—18Gbps, to be exact. Another critical piece of the puzzle is the HDMI cable. To ensure that consumers can easily pick the right cable to pipe all of those bits, HDMI Licensing has created a stricter testing and certification gauntlet called the HDMI Premium Cable Certification, which it's launching today.

To achieve the Premium Cable certification, manufacturers will have to submit their products to HDMI testing facilities to ensure they can reliably deliver HDMI 2.0's full 18Gbps of bandwidth. These cables will also be tested for low electromagnetic interference emissivity to make sure they play well with nearby wireless devices. These tests will apply to both HDMI cables and HDMI cables with Ethernet.

Once a cable is certified, it'll be identified by an HDMI Premium Cable logo label on the package. This label carries a pair of anti-counterfeiting features that work in concert with a companion mobile app. One is a QR code that carries encrypted information that can only be decoded with HDMI's companion app, while the other is a "secure fingerprint" that uniquely identifies each label to the app.

Premium HDMI cable testing will begin this month, and certified cables are expected to become widely available in the first quarter of 2016.

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