Google Fiber has arrived in Damage Labs

After lots of digging and waiting and anticipation, Google Fiber has arrived in Damage Labs. Just finished the installation, and the Google router happily plugged into my existing Asus RT-AC86U router, so no real changes were required on my part.

Here's a speed test result from just before the switch, via Time Warner Cable:

That's not entirely a pre-fiber result. Time Warner chose to roll out its Maxx upgrade free of charge here in Lee's Summit, Missouri when Google Fiber started its build-out here. Our peak downstream speed was 30 Mbps before that.

Now here's how the speed test result looks with Google Fiber:

Uh, yeah, not bad.

I did a quick Steam game download, which looked like so:

Transfer rates finally peaked a little higher, at about 99 MB/s, right at the end of the download.

I think I can live with this sort of Internet service.

I'll be, uh, testing Google Fiber more in the coming days and weeks, and I should have some additional impressions before too long.

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