Microsoft shows off mixed-reality gaming with HoloLens

During today's Windows 10 Devices presentation, Microsoft showed off some new tricks for HoloLens—wearable holograms. The company will also be taking applications soon for HoloLens development kits, too.

In a "mixed-reality gaming" demo called Project X-Ray, a player wearing a HoloLens and holding a controller suited up with a virtual gauntlet. Robots broke through the walls and attacked him, and the player fought them off using the gauntlet—which tracked his hand smoothly. The robots were also aware of their environment and reacted to furniture and walls in the room. It looked totally sweet and very natural.

Games like Project X-Ray will offer a personalized gameplay experience by adapting to players' own rooms and surroundings. Aside from the controller, HoloLens will also run completely independently of a PC or phone while playing these games.

So that developers can begin building similar experiences of their own, Microsoft is also taking applications for HoloLens development kits. Lucky applicants will be able to buy them starting in the first quarter of 2016 for $3,000 a pop.

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