ITC says Samsung and Qualcomm didn't infringe some Nvidia patents

Roughly a year ago, Nvidia sued Samsung and Qualcomm, accusing them of infringing seven of its patents. The graphics company sought to ban imports of the infringing products into the U.S., but its lawsuit hit a rough spot last week. The U.S. International Trade Commission issued an initial determination in Samsung and Qualcomm's favor.

The initial determination says that Samsung and Qualcomm did not infringe two of Nvidia's patents. While the commission did find that the pair infringed a third patent, Judge Thomas Pender also ruled that patent invalid, on grounds that it was not a new invention. In a blog post, Nvidia says it now intends to have the the full ITC commission (comprised of six commissioners) review and confirm the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's issuing of the third patent with the hope of having it validated.

Nvidia expects the legal battle to be long, and it's likely right. Between the requested ITC review and Samsung's countersuit (filed last November), it looks like we could be watching fireworks for a while.

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