PC makers, Intel, and Microsoft join forces to show what PCs can do

It'll be immediately obvious to any TR reader to say that PCs have changed a lot in the past few years, but the average PC user might not be so well-informed. Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell, and Lenovo want to change that. These companies (or at least the PC makers) are putting aside their differences to launch a unified advertising campaign—called "PC Does What?"—to show consumers just how far PCs have come since their last computer purchase.

The companies say there are about 500 million PCs out there that are four to five years old, and they're quick to admit that yesterday's systems can't do many things that the latest computers can—today's notebooks, especially. The biggest differences that the companies want to talk about are thinner chassis, much longer battery life, vastly improved gaming performance, increased versatility (thanks to convertibles and two-in-ones), and nifty features like Windows Hello that simply didn't exist five years ago. Software improvements in Windows 10 and the performance of Intel's Skylake CPUs are also part of the picture. 

Expect to see five different "PC Does What?" commercials, along with "native advertising" articles and videos, starting next week and running through November 30. It'll be interesting to see whether the companies' collective dose of humility and an ad blitz are enough to persuade buyers that their current computers are lacking.

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