Mad Catz shows off its dedicated Star Citizen HOTAS controller

Star Citizen is a big enough project to have its own conventions. Last week, Chris Roberts showed off a few portions of Star Citizen gameplay at the aptly-named CitizenCon. One of the best parts of the con was when Mad Catz revealed its prototype of a HOTAS controller specifically designed for the game.

Design concept

The peripheral is actually a set of interchangeable modules, and looks to be based off the Saitek X52's design. A regular HOTAS is, well, a stick and a throttle, but Mad Catz's custom-designed connectors make it possible to arrange the controller's components in a multitude of ways.

One particularly interesting detail is the presence of a trackball atop the joystick handle, meant for easier aiming of gimbaled weapons. The controller's keyboard section can also be split, letting pilots use the numerical pad as a weapons control.

Interestingly enough, all these features concern the lower-end version. Mad Catz is reportedly working on a higher-end model that will include an OLED screen. The design isn't finalized yet, though. The company has made multiple prototypes of this rig, and it expects to refine the product further according to feedback from Star Citizen backers.

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