Hey, folks. I haven't posted an Etc. for a while, but things have been churning away behind the scenes here, so I figure I should say something.

First of all, this is happening:

That's the core of a new build I'm putting together, a Skylake version of the Damagebox. The twist? When it's done, we're gonna give it away to some lucky reader. The full specs are forthcoming, but expect it to be an upgrade from the Haswell version in more ways than one.  More about that soon!

We also have new articles in the works from Jeff, Mark, Tony, and Ben. Just has been a lull in the posts since my own productivity has been horrible lately. I've been wrapped up in behind-the-scenes stuff and took a short family vacation last weekend, among other things.

Oh, also, I swear this hasn't affected work, but my free time has been vacuumed up by a slight addiction to Fallout Shelter. I can stop anytime I want, I swear. Just let me build this one new room to train for agility first.

On a more somber note, I was saddened to see this news from John Bain, aka TotalBiscuit, aka Cynical Brit. I've enjoyed seeing his take on various games and game-related issues, and, well, it's hard to process when someone that young and energetic and sharp gets that sort of diagnosis. Here's hoping he beats the odds by miles. I don't know what else to say.

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