Valve promises to improve Steam support by the end of the year

Steam's support has issues, and Valve knows it. The company spoke to Kotaku about the the ongoing complaints about its customer service, and shared what it's doing about it. The most heartening news may be that the company's goal is to get wait times for support under control "by Christmas time."

Valve's Erik Johnson told Kotaku that the company is working with a third-party support agency to add capacity, but that those support agents need to be trained by Valve, which takes time. The company isn't just looking for a way to get customers off the phone quickly, Johnson said. He notes that most third-party support companies the company consulted "wanted to sell you ways to reduce the number of people currently waiting in support, but they weren’t very good at selling you ways to solve customer support issues." 

Valve says it's making progress behind the scenes, even if the fruits of that labor aren't visible yet. Steam's refund system is apparently part of that work. That system has provided an automated service for customers who are unhappy with their purchases. Johnson told Kotaku that account hijacking is another area where Valve is trying to prevent incidents requiring support calls in the first place. The company has recently added two-factor authentication features to Steam's mobile apps, and Johnson says that work is paying off, as well. 

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