Gigabyte beats the heat with its Waterforce GeForce GTX 980

Gigabyte's triple-play of liquid-cooled GeForce GTX 980s wowed us with its external reservoir and the sheer amount of power on display. Now, less ambitious builders can get in on the fun using a single GeForce GTX 980: the GV-N980WAOC-4GD (or Waterforce, for short).

The Waterforce liquid cooling system uses a single 120-mm fan on its radiator to dissipate heat from the "full-coverage" cooling block underneath the card's shroud. In addition to the GPU itself, the block also makes contact with the card's 4GB GDDR5 memory and VRMs. Gigabyte says this cooling system results in operating temperatures 38% lower than the stock cooling solution. 

The company also claims that only the most overclockable chips make it into the Waterforce cards. As a result (and, of course, thanks to the closed-loop cooler), these cards run their GPUs at 1228 MHz with a boost speed of 1329 MHz. The Waterforce's OC mode can raise those clocks to a dizzying 1253 MHz and 1354 MHz if even more speed is needed. Memory clocks haven't changed, though, and you'll find the same 7,000 MT/s GDDR5 here as you would on a stock model.

Gigabyte hasn't announced pricing or availability for the Waterforce GeForce GTX 980 yet. 

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