Apple delivers updated versions of iOS, OS X, and watchOS

Own a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or even an Apple Watch? It's time to check Software Update for some fresh point releases for Apple's various operating systems. Even though the user-facing changes in these updates appear to be minor, Apple also patched a number of security vulnerabilities behind the scenes, so it's worth updating no matter what.

iOS 9.1 most notably improves Live Photos so that the phone won't record moments where you're raising or lowering the phone, a common complaint in iPhone 6S reviews. Prolific emoji senders will find 150 new characters to choose from, too. Apple says it improved performance in the OS' multitasking UI, and it also fixed a bug where some apps improperly opened in a zoomed view. The company also corrected a number of security issues, including a couple that could lead to arbitrary code execution.

OS X 10.11.1 is also full of minor changes. VoiceOver users will find that accessibility feature more reliable after this update, and if you're Tweeting or messaging with any of those 150 new emojis, they'll show up properly on the Mac. The El Capitan installer is claimed to be more stable during the upgrade process, as well. As with iOS 9.1, Apple patched a bunch of vulnerabilities that could lead to privilege escalation or arbitrary code execution. Even if your Mac isn't running El Capitan yet, Apple is offering some of these security patches for older versions of OS X. Be sure to check Software Update even if you haven't upgraded to 10.11.

We don't have an Apple Watch in TR's labs to see what's changed, but 9to5Mac says watchOS 2.0.1 fixes an issue where app updates would stall on the device, as well as an unspecified bug that would cause excessive battery drain. The aforementioned new emoji and—yes—security updates are also available for Apple's wearable. 

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