Microsoft confirms Edge won't be getting extensions this year

Yesterday the first details about Windows 10's Autumn Fall Update unofficially arrived, courtesy of Paul Thurrott. One of the disappointments in Thurrott's report was that Edge wouldn't get add-on capabilities in this round of changes. Today, Microsoft confirmed that part of the report in a statement to The Verge. Edge users won't see extension support until sometime in 2016. 

When the browser shed its Project Spartan moniker at Microsoft's Build 2015 conference, the company announced that Chrome extensions could be easily ported to Edge. The Verge says that extension functionality is still in an internal testing phase ahead of that 2016 release.

Just because Edge isn't getting extensions this year doesn't mean Microsoft isn't hard-selling Windows 10's default browser in the meantime. In a separate report from The Verge, a recently-leaked build of Windows 10 pleads with users when they try to switch the default browser away from Edge. The confirmation dialog hides the option to confirm the switch in plain sight by not placing it on a colored button, while the "cancel" button is clearly visible. Still, this isn't how any publicly-available build of Windows 10 behaves, and we hope that Microsoft isn't planning on rolling out that change any time soon. 

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