SilverStone's Raven RVX01 case takes flight

SilverStone has announced the Raven RVX01, the most recent in its line of cases that turn motherboards 90 degrees clockwise. This Raven spreads its wings to show off room for up to three liquid coolers. It's also got a sinister look about it, thanks to the glowing red "eyes" on the front.

Like its predecessors, this case turns the entire system on its ear, starting with the three 120-mm fans mounted on the bottom. Rather than draw air in through the front, the RVX01 gives convection cooling a push by moving air from the floor towards the ceiling. Its unusual layout doesn't stop there, either—builders will get into the case from the right side, and the window is found on the right panel.

Liquid-cooling aficionados will find plenty of room for their hardware. The bottom fans can be removed to make room for a radiator up to 360 mm long, and two other 120-mm radiators can be mounted in the case's other fan bays. Air-cooling towers can't be taller than 6.5" (165 mm), though.

Four 2.5" or 3.5" drives can fit in the RVX01, which should be adequate for most systems. The Raven bids farewell to optical storage, joining a crowd of PC cases without a single 5.25" drive bay.

Despite the relatively trimmed-down storage options, the Raven isn't tiny. It measures 19.1" tall by 19.7" deep by 8.4" wide (485 mm x 500 mm x 215 mm). Its steel and plastic body probably isn't light, either, though SilverStone doesn't say what the Raven weighs.

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