Some of you have asked about a tempting new monitor, the 165Hz IPS-and-G-Sync-infused Asus PG279Q. Yes, a review is happening:

It's probably the next thing on my docket, after I finish my write-up and and figure out how to give away the Skylake Damagebox.

Speaking of which, the Skylake Damagebox build is looking quite solid.

More details on that soon, too.

Some of you are still asking about the long-delayed Radeon R9 Nano review. I have all the bits for a Mini-ITX build, and I intend to get to it, but it's tough to prioritize a late review when newer things are happening like the PG279Q. I'd very much like to do a review of Google Fiber, for instance, since I think I could offer some unique insights there. I've also been trying out the Steam Controller and will soon have some thoughts to share on it, as well.

On a larger note, I know things have been slow coming out of Damage Labs lately. That's true in part because I kind of burnt myself out working straight through the weekends for a big portion of 2015. I also tried to take on weekly podcast live streams while keeping up with a tightly packed series of deadlines as new hardware releases happened back to back for months. Eventually, the whole thing caught up to me, and I just had to slow down. Really couldn't do anything else, in fact.

Now, I'm trying to figure out how best to use my time going forward. That's one reason the podcast live streams haven't been as regular lately. I'm also not satisfied with the quality of the product we've been producing, and I want to make sure it's worthwhile for folks to view or listen to it. I think some changes are in order, but I'm not quite sure what needs to happen next. We should get back to a regular schedule before too long, but it may not be a weekly show. We shall see.

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