Asus joins the OnHub party with its SRT-AC1900 router

Google recently announced the first OnHub-branded wireless router, and now Asus is joining in on the fun with an OnHub of its own. Say hello to the OnHub SRT-AC1900.

Like the first OnHub, Asus' take looks stylish enough to blend into a living room. The SRT-AC1900 contains nine antennas arranged in a circular pattern, and it uses them to move bits over Wi-Fi at speeds of up to 1300Mbps with 802.11ac or 600Mbps with 802.11n. The antennas support MIMO, too. Asus provisions 3 x 3 arrays for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

The SRT-AC1900 can talk Bluetooth Smart, and it supports the Weave and Zigbee protocols for "smart home" devices. A pair of Ethernet ports for LAN and WAN connections round out the basic specs.

Asus added a unique feature of its own to this router, which it calls "Wave Control." According to the company, you can "simply wave your hand over the router to put your smartphone, notebook, or other device in the fast lane." Asus also throws in an ultrasonic speaker to allow Wi-Fi devices to connect with sound waves. Like its TP-Link stablemate, the SRT-AC1900 can be set up and controlled by Google's OnHub mobile app. The unit measures 5.2" x 5" x 7.9" (132 x 127 x 200 mm).

Asus' OnHub is available for preorder at "select retailers" and the Google Store for $220.

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