Taste the rainbow with NZXT's Hue+ lighting controller

LED light strips may be popular, but solid colors and constant brightness levels may not be wild enough for some modders' tastes. That's where NZXT's Hue+ digital RGB LED strip controller comes in. Check out the company's video for an idea of what the Hue+ can do (fair warning: dubstep).

The Hue+ has two independent control channels, each capable of running up to four LED strips or a total of 40 LEDs. The controller is all-digital, so we don't get any knobs to fiddle with—at least, not the physical kind. NZXT's Cam software integrates with the Hue+ to let light jockeys take full control of hues and tones. Cam offers a selection of solid colors or eight preset lighting effects.

Besides custom lighting presets, the Cam application can also make the LED strips react to system temperatures, frame rates, or audio output. NZXT has the Hue+ up for preorder at $60.

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