Report: Batman: Arkham Knight still isn't the port the PC deserves

Just as Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady promisedBatman: Arkham Knight made its triumphant return to the PC yesterday in its long-promised patched form. Some recent user reviews of the re-released game are in, and they're not pretty. 

The release notes for yesterday's patch don't get into too much detail, but they contain some interesting tidbits nonetheless. On Windows 7 systems, Warner says Batman: Arkham Knight may constantly page data back to the disk, and users are advised they may need to restart the game to fix that behavior. On Windows 10 systems, WB now recommends a whopping 12GB of system memory. CrossFire and SLI profiles are still in development, too.

Those warnings and work-arounds don't bode well for a smooth experience, and player reviews confirm it. As of this writing, 14 of the 20 most recent reviews for Arkham Knight are negative. Most say the game simply doesn't run well, even with the patched version. Steam says the game's reviews remain "mixed," but we see that a hefty majority of the nearly 18,500 reviews of the game are negative.

To make up for Arkham Knight's continuing woes, Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that gamers who already own the game—along with those who are willing to roll the dice and buy in by November 16—will get the whole Batman: Arkham game collection right away, plus a "Community Challenge Pack" due in January for free. WB also dropped the asking price for Batman: Arkham Knight to $50 as an additional enticement. 

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