Here's how you can enter to win the Skylake Damagebox

If you've already read Scott's write-up about his Skylake-based Damagebox, you've probably had to wipe some drool off your chin or desk already. (If you haven't read about it yet, you should definitely go check out that article now.) Here's the crazy part: Scott already built a fancy new Damagebox for himself earlier in the year, so we're giving this system away to one deserving TR reader.

This giveaway isn't just a random drawing, though. That wouldn't be any fun. To win this PC, you'll need to create an amusing comic related to the world of technology, hardware, or PC gaming. Artistic skills are not a prerequisite to win, but your work does need to be good enough to communicate your punchline effectively.

To let folks' creative flags fly, we aren't placing any stipulations on medium or length, but the final product needs to be an original work (not just a Photoshop of some other creator's comic) and cannot involve commentary on politics or religion. Remember that brevity is the soul of wit, too. For inspiration, check out this Fred Silver masterpiece, or browse our entire comic archive.

Head on over to the contest forum thread and check out the full contest rules before completing your entry. We'll be accepting entries for two weeks from today—until Monday, November 16, 2015. Once the contest closes, we'll confer among ourselves and choose the funniest comic. The winner will receive the Skylake Damagebox and eternal fame.

Our apologies to international readers, but this contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) only. You'll also need to be thirteen years of age or older to be eligible to win.

Be sure to follow our contest sponsors—Asus, Cooler Master, HyperX, and Western Digital—on Facebook and Twitter to catch their latest product launches and news. Our thanks once again to these sponsors for making the Skylake Damagebox possible.

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