Google says Android won't assimilate Chrome OS

Last week's report that Google would merge Chrome OS into Android drew plenty of attention. The report seemed plausible, since Chrome OS can already run some Android apps and the Pixel C convertible runs Android. That merge won't be taking place, however. Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior VP of Android, Chrome OS, and Chromecast took to Twitter and the Chrome blog to say that Chrome OS isn't going anywhere

Chrome OS' success in the classroom and its associated tools for administrating a large number of systems are big contributors to the operating system's staying power, Lockheimer says. He also notes that 30,000 Chromebooks are activated every school day, and Google has created software to make comptuing in schools easier, like the Share to Classroom extension that navigates everyone in a classroom to a page simultaneously.

Instead, Lockheimer says Google's goal is to bring the best features of Android and Chrome OS to both operating systems. As a show of Google's support for the cloud OS, he says software features like a new media player and a Material Design UI overhaul are in the works. Those features will roll out in incremental Chrome OS updates in the future.

Chrome OS hardware is still in the works, too. Lockheimer pointed to the $85 Asus Chromebit, a, HDMI-equipped computer-on-a-stick that he says should become available in the next couple of weeks. He also says that Chromebooks are consistently among the top-selling computers on Amazon, and new models are planned for the coming year.

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