Crucial shaves off more cents per gigabyte with its BX200 SSD

Crucial's BX100 SSD is a budget favorite at TR, and for goood reason—it pairs decent performance for a SATA SSD with relatively low prices for its segment. Crucial is pushing even further into the budget SSD arena today with the BX200, a TLC NAND SSD that will run just $85 for the 240GB model, $150 for 480GB, and $300 for 960GB. That's only $0.31 to $0.35 per gigabyte, depending on capacity.

This drive appears to use the same 16-nm TLC NAND we first heard about in June, and the first thing we think about when we see TLC NAND is whether there's a performance tradeoff for the higher flash density. The BX200's specs look good on paper, at least. Sequential performance for all models is rated at 540MB/s for reads and 490MB/s for writes. Crucial only says that random reads and writes are "up to 66k and 78k IOPS" for all models, though, and we'd expect those numbers to scale downward with capacity in the smaller drives.

To power the BX200, Crucial pairs its 16nm TLC NAND with Silicon Motion's SM2256 controller. All of the BX200 drives are warranted for three years. Crucial didn't say when the BX200 series would hit store shelves, but the drive appears to be in stock at Crucial's online store now, so we'd expect wider availability soon.

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