Zotac's NEN SN970 Steam box houses 35W of Skylake power

We first learned about Zotac's "console-killing" Steam Machine, now called the NEN SN970, earlier this year. At the time, Zotac was rather tight-lipped about the components inside the SN970, but the wraps are finally off this mini-PC, and we can say with full certainty what powers this SteamOS mighty mite.

Most mini-PCs rely on relatively low-TDP CPUs for their processing power, but the NEN SN970 bucks this trend a bit. Zotac taps Intel's Core i5-6400T for this Steam Machine, a four-core, four-thread Skylake part with 2.2GHz base and 2.8GHz turbo clocks. A 35W TDP gives this chip more thermal headroom relative to the 15W parts we usually see in these tiny boxes. Zotac includes 8GB of RAM with the SN970, and it can hold up to 16GB.

On the graphics front, Zotac uses what it's calling a GeForce GTX 960 card to push pixels. We're guessing this is a custom part branded as a GTX 960, since Zotac previously called it a GTX 970M when we had a look at this box in its prototype phases. This card is hooked up to 3GB of RAM and four HDMI 2.0 ports.

The NEN SN970 comes with SteamOS preinstalled on a 1TB mechanical hard drive. An unpopulated M.2 SATA slot inside beckons for solid-state storage. Zotac bundles one Steam Controller with the SN970, too, so it's ready for action right out of the box. Valve already has the SN970 up for pre-order at $999, so we'd expect this Steam Machine to begin the quest for living-room domination soon.

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