Cryorig's A-Series liquid coolers keep VRMs cool, too

Closed-loop liquid coolers are all the rage these days, and even cheap PC cases make room for them. One thing most all-in-one cooling solutions don't do is move any air around the CPU socket, starving VRMs of airflow. Cryorig's A Series of AIO coolers could rectify that potential shortcoming by adding a fan to the CPU water block.

That water-block-mounted spinner is a 70-mm PWM fan that can turn at up to 3,000 RPM. The fan is on a swivel, so it can be adjusted to move air where it's needed. Mercifully, the smaller fan's speed is tied to the main fans on the radiator. Cryorig says this extra fan can improve system stability and lengthen the life of the motherboard versus  closed-loop coolers that don't circulate air around the socket.

The A40 and A40 Ultimate both have 240-mm radiators with a pair of 120-mm fans. The A40's radiator is 1.1" (27.5 mm) thick, while the A40 Ultimate's radiator measures 1.5" (38.5 mm). The range-topping A80 has a 280-mm radiator with a pair of 140-mm fans. Its radiator is the same 1.1" (27.5 mm) thickness as the A40's. 

Cryorig says the A-Series coolers will be available in the USA starting late this month. The A40 will carry a suggested price of $100, while the A40 Ultimate will sticker at $110 and the A80 will run $120.

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