Yesterday was different around here. Kansas City pretty much shut down in order to celebrate the Royals' victory in the World Series. Schools were out, folks took off work, and everybody wore blue. Ahead of the parade, I heard that around 200K people were expected to show up. By the end of the day, the mayor estimated 800K had turned out. Not bad for a city of ~467,000—although the metro area is more like 2.2 million. Here's a scene from the end of the parade route at Union Station.

And another from an office building nearby.

I tried to go down there with my family. We wound up waiting in line for a shuttle bus for over two hours and ultimately decided to go home and watch the thing on TV. There just weren't enough buses to get everybody there, and I had no interest in waiting two to three more hours for a return ride with young kids in tow.

Regardless, seeing the city stop to celebrate was pretty cool. Deadspin has some more pictures from the day that offer a sense of scale.

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