Get another taste of the wasteland with Fallout 4's launch trailer

Fallout 4 is coming on November 10, and it looks totally sweet. To ratchet our anticipation levels even higher, Bethesda has released the game's launch trailer. Behold: 

This trailer suggests the mysterious, android-building Institute from past games will play a major role in the plot, along with its products. We also get to see some of the graphics and lighting effects that were revealed yesterday in action.

There's more than just eye candy to Fallout 4, of course. Bethesda promises Vault-dwellers loads of options to customize their characters with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system. The game's weapons will be customizable and upgradeable, too, and players will be able to construct entire settlements of their own in the wasteland. Next Tuesday can't come soon enough.

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