GloFo successfully builds AMD chips on 14-nm FinFET LPP process

GlobalFoundries has announced successful production of the first AMD products using its 14-nm FinFET Low Power Plus (14-nm LPP) process tech. As a result, AMD plans to begin integrating 14-nm LPP silicon into several of its products. Chips based on this process will purportedly deliver more processing power in a smaller footprint while sipping less power at the same time.

AMD VP and CTO Mark Papermaster says that the company is looking forward to production readiness for GloFo's 14-nm LPP process. He also says the company will use chips based on this process in "a broad set" of its APU, CPU, and GPU products.

GloFo's "early-access" version of the 14-nm tech, called LPE, was qualified for volume production back in January, while 14-nm LPP was qualified in the third quarter of this year. The company says it's ramping 14-nm LPP silicon "with production-ready yields" and "excellent model-to-hardware correlation" at its Fab 8 facility in New York state. This "performance-enhanced" process is expected to undergo an early ramp in the fourth quarter of 2015, with full-scale production set for 2016.

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