TAG Heuer dresses up Android Wear with its Connected watch

If the manifold Apple Watches aren't luxurious enough for well-heeled wearable buyers, TAG Heuer, Google, and Intel may have just the thing. The three companies unveiled the Connected Android Wear watch today at a grandiose event that also starred the Swiss ambassador to the United States, a large wheel of cheese, and glocken, because Switzerland. Yes, it was as crazy as it sounds.

Stagecraft aside, the $1,500 Connected watch might represent a step above the average Android Wear device in the design-and-materials department. TAG Heuer says it designed this watch to look as un-smart as possible, and the titanium body and traditional rotating bezel are consistent with the style of the company's other watches. Of course, this watch comes loaded with TAG Heuer faces to complete the illusion.

We weren't kidding about the cheese

Ars Technica got an in-depth look at the guts of the Connected. The circular, sapphire-covered screen is a 360-by-360-pixel affair good for 240 PPI, and it's driven by what sounds like an Atom Z3460 SoC with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of onboard storage. The watch can connect to other devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

TAG Heuer also tries to resolve the contradiction of a luxury watch that can become obsolete by offering a trade-up program. At the end of two years, Connected owners can exchange their devices for an identical mechanical watch for an additional $1,500 fee. The fat-walleted can get their hands on a Connected watch direct from TAG Heuer starting today.

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