EVGA's GQ-series PSUs offer Gold efficiency and semi-silent running

What's this? Another line of EVGA PSUs? No, you're not dreaming. The company's GQ series is the latest addition to its existing B2, G2, GS, and P2 power supply lineups.

These juice boxes join the G2 and GS PSUs in offering 80 Plus Gold efficiency and semi-silent operation, but the GQ units are only semi-modular, unlike their fancier, fully-modular brethren. The fan grille on the GQ-series is also a discrete bent-wire affair as opposed to a single-piece stamping on the G2- and GS-series units, if that's more your style. The GQ-series PSUs come in 650W, 750W, 850W, and 1000W flavors.

Serious PSU shoppers will want to know what's under the hood of these units. The PSU experts at JonnyGuru have already gotten their hands on the 850W version of the GQ-series, and they've dutifully torn it apart. Based on that teardown, the site says that EVGA worked with FSP Group to create the GQ line. In JonnyGuru's testing, the 850W GQ performed well across the board. Build quality appears to be excellent.

The GQ-series PSUs are already available on Newegg. Expect to pay $90 for the 650W model, $120 for 750W, $130 for 850W, and $160 for 1000W. EVGA backs all of these PSUs with a five-year warranty.

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