Gigabyte unveils five more Xtreme Gaming graphics cards

Gigabyte may have started small with its Xtreme Gaming graphics card lineup, but it's expanding that family in a big way. Five more cards—an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, air- and water-cooled GTX 980s, a GTX 980 Ti, and a GTX Titan X—are getting the Xtreme Gaming treatment today.

The air-cooled Xtreme Gaming cards all get triple-fan custom coolers with semi-silent modes. The GTX 980 Ti and Titan X up the ante with a counter-rotating center fan that's meant to dissipate heat more effectively. The Waterforce GTX 980 Xtreme Gaming eschews the air cooler for a remote, all-in-one 120-mm radiator and a full-coverage water block that cools the card's VRMs and MOSFETs as well as the GPU itself.

We won't go deep into the specs of each card, but it appears Gigabyte puts those beefy coolers to good use. Each Xtreme Gaming card features considerably higher clocks than the reference design. Those who want to tweak further can take advantage of Gigabyte's OC Guru software to push those clocks to their limits. The software can also control fan profiles, lighting, and power or temperature targets.

LED status indicators on each card display the fan state at a glance, and the blinkenlights don't stop there. Gigabyte also includes a power-status LED that will purportedly blink to warn users of power-delivery problems, and a couple of cosmetic RGB LEDs can be tuned to taste, as well. Other niceties include metal backplates and a protective PCB coating that's claimed to keep out humidity, dust, and airborne pollutants.


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