Cherry MX Nature White switches take the bump out of MX browns

Cherry MX black and MX red mechanical key switches both offer a linear key press without a bump or click to signal a key stroke. Some folks find the 60-cN actuation force of the black switches uncomfortably heavy, though, and the feathery 45-cN force needed to register a key stroke on MX reds is too light for others. If you prefer that linear feel, but don't enjoy the weighting of Cherry's existing offerings, the company's new MX RGB Nature White switches (not to be confused with the now-discontinued MX white switch) might be just right.

The Nature White switch uses the same 55-cN actuation force as Cherry's brown switches, without those clickers' tactile bump. Like its other linear switches, Cherry expects that the Nature Whites will be most popular in gaming keyboards. The MX RGB Nature White's transparent casing (as seen in other MX RGB switches) is built to provide even illumination when paired with single-color or RGB LEDs (though it apparently isn't backlit by default).

You won't find the Nature Whites in just any keyboard. Premium mechanical keyboard maker Ducky has secured an exclusive deal for these switches, and Cherry says the Nature Whites will make their debut in Ducky's Shine-5. already has the Shine-5 with Nature White switches listed for $165.

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