Radeon 7500 reviews arrive

These items made the Shortbread, but I figure they're worth a full-blown post, too. A couple of reviews of ATI's new Radeon 7500 card have appeared, and they're both worth reading. Check the reviews at Digit-Life and RIVA Station. The 7500 is not ATI's GeForce3 killer; it's a new product based on the older Radeon core technology. But with more mature drivers, gobs of memory bandwidth, dual video outputs, excellent image quality, and a number of advanced 3D features the GeForce2 lacks, the 7500 could be a decent choice.

The Digit-Life review is typically well done. They've covered the Radeon's problems with anisotropic filtering and trilinear filtering (can't do both at once) with screenshot examples, and they've tested the card overclocked, as well. And the RIVA Station guys ran more tests than the College Board, which is impressive in itself.

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