Time's running out, but you can still win the Skylake Damagebox

Just a quick reminder that this is still happening: I built the Skylake Damagebox out of some of the best parts available from Cooler Master, Asus, and Kingston HyperX—and we're giving it away. The system is a beast, and looks pretty nice. Like so:

I believe its total retail value is somewhere north of three grand.

I've neglected an important factor when posting beauty shots like the one above. This Damagebox also includes the CMStorm QuickFire XTi with Cherry MX Green switches; it is Perhaps the Best Keyboard in the World.

Plus a HyperX headset and a CMStorm Xornet II mouse.

To win, you only need to draw a comic—artistic merit not required—and enter it in this forum thread.

Here's one of the latest entries, which is so very TR that I can't begin to express the depths of it.

As I said, artistic skills are not required. Give it a shot if you can!

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