Scythe's Fuma heatsink keeps CPUs cool with up to three fans

Japanese manufacturer Scythe is known in PC-enthusiast circles for its big tower CPU heatsinks. The company has added another behemoth to its lineup called the Fuma.

The Fuma has a special parlor trick to its name. Builders can clip up to three 120-mm fans onto its twin towers: two on the outer surfaces, and one in between. Scythe includes two of its Slip Stream 120-mm PWM spinners in the box. These fans offer a wide speed range of 300 to 1,400 RPM. The heatsink's s six 6-mm heatpipes are soldered onto a solid copper base plate, and both those parts are nickel-plated.

Despite its volume, the Fuma isn't too tall. It measures 149 mm at its highest point, which may help it fit into some of the smaller mid-tower cases out there. The concept of compatbility extends to the Fuma's mounting system. This cooler supports Intel CPU cooler mounts from Socket 775 on and AMD sockets from AM2 on. With two fans fitted, the whole setup weighs in at 920 grams. Scythe's 39€ suggested price translates to roughly $42.

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